10 February 2012

Internet Fun

Hey blog readers

Here are some stuff that me and a friend found on the world wide web

I’m Elmo and I know it-a you tube video parody on the LMFAO song I’m sexy and I know it

Old spice commercial-a you tube video that was made in one continuous shot (AKA without stopping)

Google these stuff

• Do a barrel roll- look this up on your computer

• Google gravity- do the first link at the top

• Find chuck Norris- and click the first link(while your at it look up some chuck Norris jokes)

• Google gulp-this is a prank that Google used

• Epic Google-(after you check this out there should be a link at the bottom saying check out my little brother weinie Google)

• Goglogo -rename Google

if you find any funny but not rude videos or website leave a comment here

happy web surfing


28 December 2011

Pre-Christmas Post

Hi Blog Readers

Sorry I haven’t been able to post so much because school has been busy. The school holidays have come which gives me a bit more time to write.

I am very exited about the next school year as I am in the “next door teacher's class” and that teacher goes to the local church.

Christmas is so near and my family are planning a Christmas eve dinner. This year for Christmas I want a scooter or some Moshi Monster stuff.

The countdown continues as from when I am writing there is 3 more days till Xmas day and the tree looks stunning with the gold and white ornaments and shiny gold tinsel.

My birthday is in a few more days and I think were going to IKEA and having a shopping spree and recently me and my brother have gotten separate rooms. So I hope I can find some stuff to decorate my room.

To help you decide what option to choose for the previous poll here is some help

On how to vote

How to I post a comment? – You first click at the bottom of the post and there should be a place that says 0* comments (*that number changes according to how many comments that post has) then it should take you to a web page near

Bottom it says comment as click on where it says select profile and click on

Anonymous then write your comment in the white box above slect provile once your down press publish

What kind story is optionB - Well I was thinking for either a Spy story or a ghost hunter

Story you decide

Can you do a pro and con on each Option?-Sure can

Option A-Pro you still get to see the comic Con might be a bit blurry

Option B-Pro get to see something new Con no colourful pictures

Option C-Pro less work for me Con no anything

Option D-Pro choose anything Con might take a little while to get started

See ya

And May the force be with You

25 October 2011

Holiday in the Philippines 2011

Hi I’m Back!

As you might have known I went for a trip in the holidays for the Philippines. We had to go through Sydney to Manila that trip was 7 – 8 hours. We didn’t have to go to a hotel because we were staying with mum’s family.

When we got their we found out that our bags were missing (“Thanks” QANTAS) so we had to wait 4 days of shopping till our bags came back. While we were there we got to see Cars 2 in the IMAX Theater but there was only 1 other group there. It was a good movie.

We also got to go to a beach resort with our relatives we got to go night swimming and paddle boating it was very cool and we got to stay there for 1 night.

One night my brother became sick while we were having dinner with my dads high school friend so we had to sleep in my uncle’s condo for a night.

My cousin had her birthday while we were in Manila. Her cake was chocolate cake that my auntie made.

Mum and Dad used to work in Manila so they met some of their work friends and one of their friend’s daughter became my friend.

We also went to Dumaguete and we got to see my dad’s high school friends. I also got to see my uncle who is in a band play his guitar.

My trip to the Philippines was really good and I hope next time is even better.
I think I need to tell you that my super school files are kind of lost because the computer broke down so what do you want me to do.

Option A – I draw it on paper, take a picture of it then put it on the blog
Option B – I stop Super school because I am writing a story that I
Option C-Don’t do anything
Option D – What do you want to do?

Vote in the comments section.

See ya next time

Ps. Nobody has commented on the lego funnies but next blog post I will announce the winner next time.

04 May 2011

Lego Funnies Competition and Super School

Hi every body

You might wondering why I did not post super school (It was school holidays here in Australia) but fear not Super School is back with the absorber queen of EVIL.

There is a new part of my blog and it is called Lego Funnies. What I will be doing is taking pictures of Lego but not just any picture: funny ones (I hope). Since this one is the first one I will be doing a competition but there is no prize so only enter if you want to by posting a comment with a caption for the picture and I will be picking the winner. Here is my caption and the photo.

"Watch out for the quicksand!"

The winner will be announced in the next blog post and please do not use your real name for safety reasons.

(PS Please tell me if the photo is funny so I continue Lego funnies)

See you next time by Bb

18 April 2011

Brothers Birthday Party and Sports Day

Hello again!

My brothers birthday has happened last month and this is how we celebrated it one Sunday.

When I woke up my brother was already awake ready for his present. We put Little Big Planet 2 (which is the best game on the planet) in a Bejeweled case. When we gave it to my brother he (would you believe it) pretended that he liked the Bejeweled game! But when he opened it he said OMG and we started playing it. When the guests arrived all of them either gave money or a gift card but one of my friends gave a board game.

For lunch I had chicken and rice with sprite. After lunch we played a Lego board game and played outside with my friends’ rabbits and guinea pigs.

Now that was a month ago, you may not know this but each year our school has a sports day and every body is in a team: red, green, gold or blue. My brother and I are in the blue team. We started sports day coming to school in our team top and school shorts. After school work, testing, recess, handball (a poplar sport in our school), warming up and war cries, we walked to the oval with our buddies.

We started with our war cries. Our war goes something like this:

“Coca Cola Pepsi cola scream and shout were gonna hypnotise them paralyse them knock them out we’re gonna hit them high were gonna hit them low go blue team go go go 2 4 6 8 who do we appreciate 9 10 11 12 who’s the best in the world goooo blue team”

My classes’ first activity was soccer. It was supposed to be the long jump but the council workers who maintain the oval buried the jumping pit. For soccer we had to dribble the ball in and out of the cones.

Then after that we did the three-legged race. My partner and I loved that event. We had to go with a partner around the cone and back again.

Our 3rd event was high jump and I think I made it on all my turns (funny thing is I never made it over in practice).

After that, we did cricket but it was not my favourite activity because I twisted my ankle (it has healed now) so I only got 1 turn at tug-o-war.

Because of my injury I skipped sprints just to be safe. Then we did rugby where we had to weave in and out of the cones again but carrying a rugby ball. Lucky last we did relays and our class paired up with the other 4/5 class.

In the end, an actual Olympian walker handed out the awards.

The results for the sportsmanship shield was:

  • 4th Gold
  • 3rd Green
  • 2nd Red
  • 1st Blue

The sports day shield results were:

  • 4th Gold
  • 3rd Green
  • 2nd Blue
  • 1st Red.

What is good about Sports Day was that we were so close to winning and hopefully next year we can come first.

Signing out!


02 March 2011

10th Birthday Part 2

Sorry for being late but now time for the second part of this birthday bash.

The next day we had pancakes for breakfast (Which was yum as ).

Dad decided to go to Warrawong Wildlife Sanctuary the first thing we did is , well, walk but the first animal we saw was a kangaroo lying on his belly. Then we saw some koalas in the trees and one had a baby but the most type of animals we saw were ducks and turtles. After our visit we went to Hahndorf and browsed around the place and went to a restaurant called the “Haus” and I had a steak. Later we went to Beerenberg Strawberry Farm to do strawberry picking but there was lots of flies and I was lucky enough to see someone from school.

Then we went back to the B&B for dinner. We had pizza and some yummy chicken nuggets and vanilla Ice cream with the strawberries.

The next day we went to Cleland and we first went in a building to do a quiz but there was no point of doing it because all we needed to do was return the pencils and you get the prize. In the building there were snakes, turtles , , fish and a lot more. We also tried feeding the kangaroos but they were not hungry. Later we walked to see the Tasmanian devil and they had lots of food fights. Then we went to the koala enclosure to have a picture with the koalas. While we were in line we saw some bilbies on the ground. When it was our turn we got to stroke it on the back and have a picture with it. After the koalas we went to the dingos they were cool but I don’t think mum wants to see what they eat. Later we drove back home.

See ya

From BB

Sorry no more Super School comics because I only do it during the holidays!

13 January 2011

10th Birthday!

Hello and this is the first post for 2011 and guess what I have been up to?

Well let me tell you what happened on New Years Eve. We went to my friend’s house (unexpectedly) for dinner and the food was yummy. After dinner we played with sparklers and glow sticks. At midnight we got to see fire works from 3 different areas, which was nice.

The next day I went to my other friend’s house and played Little Big Planet (which I really like) and other games like Find The Cards and Limbo (the other game that was good was the Mario Kart Tournament). For lunch I had crabs.

The day after that it was my 10th birthday and I got Diary of a Wimpy Kid books and a Mario puzzle. (*<:P) but since it was still summer holidays there was no party. Instead we went to the Adelaide Hills. We first went to the Mount Lofty Summit where we saw this tall tower.

Then we went to Mount Lofty Botanical Gardens and saw lots of trees and plants. There was this big lake and my brother found a lady bug. After that we went to Binowee Bed and Breakfast to check in. At night me and my brother played on a playground nearby then we took some pictures with my camera then we went to a restaurant that my dad made reservations for, I had pan fried gnocchi for dinner then we went back to the B&B.

I will tell you more about my birthday holiday in the next post.

Bye for now from


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